What our Learners are saying...

Icon of a person“Whether I’m writing to a judge, opposing counsel, or a client, I write more efficiently and effectively using High-Value Writing strategies.  I now consider my reader’s needs first and make the information clear and easy to digest.”

– Kelly Mieske, Attorney, California, USA

Linda Whittaker“Until I started learning High-Value Writing strategies, I thought I wrote well. Then I realized, I didn’t – at all.

As a CPA I must explain complex ideas to clients with little knowledge about the area. Now, my emails, reports and requests are clear and concise. I feel much more confident that people understand important points and can follow requests easily. Thank you so much!”

– Linda Whittaker, CPA, Alberta, Canada

Junaid Ahmed“Being a student, concise writing has always been a challenge. However, High-Value Writing strategies have helped me in attaining brevity in my writing. With High-Value Writing lessons, I have been scoring quite well in competitive exams.”

– Junaid Ahmed, International Relations Student, Islamabad, Pakistan

Paul Briley"As a life coach, I work with clients who often reference misunderstandings, challenges with communicating what they want and unclear expectations. High Value Writing helps develop and refine the “skills” of making clear requests and agreements between individuals. Erin helps people find and create clarity!”

– Paul Briley, Life Coach, California, USA

Heather Aydelott“As a college professor who writes multiple emails daily and has to give consistent, meaningful, and clear feedback to students I really appreciate High-Value Writing.  It has helped me to be more precise in my wording and more concise.  My students are better able to understand the points I'm trying to make and there is overall, less frustration and confusion for us all.”

– Heather Aydelott, Professor, New Mexico, USA
Skylar Griego“As an editor and copywriter, I often debate word choices with my clients. High-Value Writing gave me the language and evidence to explain why some words are or are not effective in specific contexts. Assigning value to words based on the efficacy with which they communicate the intended message (or unintended messages) is a highly useful skill that allows me to take abstract, subjective language concepts and apply them in more concrete, objective terms. Thank you Erin for equipping me with the tools to do this!”

– Skylar Griego, Editor and Copywriter, Arizona, USA