What our Learners are saying...

Icon of a person“Whether I’m writing to a judge, opposing counsel, or a client, I write more efficiently and effectively using High-Value Writing strategies.  I now consider my reader’s needs first and make the information clear and easy to digest.”

– Kelly Mieske, Attorney, California, USA

Linda Whittaker“Until I started learning High-Value Writing strategies, I thought I wrote well. Then I realized, I didn’t – at all.

As a CPA I must explain complex ideas to clients with little knowledge about the area. Now, my emails, reports and requests are clear and concise. I feel much more confident that people understand important points and can follow requests easily. Thank you so much!”

– Linda Whittaker, CPA, Alberta, Canada

Junaid Ahmed“Being a student, concise writing has always been a challenge. However, High-Value Writing strategies have helped me in attaining brevity in my writing. With High-Value Writing lessons, I have been scoring quite well in competitive exams.”

– Junaid Ahmed, International Relations Student, Islamabad, Pakistan

Paul Briley"As a life coach, I work with clients who often reference misunderstandings, challenges with communicating what they want and unclear expectations. High Value Writing helps develop and refine the “skills” of making clear requests and agreements between individuals. Erin helps people find and create clarity!”

– Paul Briley, Life Coach, California, USA

Heather Aydelott“As a college professor who writes multiple emails daily and has to give consistent, meaningful, and clear feedback to students I really appreciate High-Value Writing.  It has helped me to be more precise in my wording and more concise.  My students are better able to understand the points I'm trying to make and there is overall, less frustration and confusion for us all.”

– Heather Aydelott, Professor, New Mexico, USA
Skylar Griego“As an editor and copywriter, I often debate word choices with my clients. High-Value Writing gave me the language and evidence to explain why some words are or are not effective in specific contexts. Assigning value to words based on the efficacy with which they communicate the intended message (or unintended messages) is a highly useful skill that allows me to take abstract, subjective language concepts and apply them in more concrete, objective terms. Thank you Erin for equipping me with the tools to do this!”

– Skylar Griego, Editor and Copywriter, Arizona, USA

Course curriculum

    1. Managing Meaning: Video

    2. Review & Reflect

    3. Q&A | Discussion (Optional)

    1. Providing Tangible, Actionable Feedback

    2. Review & Reflect

    3. Q&A | Discussion (Optional)

    1. Using Evidence-Based Language that Empowers

    2. Review & Reflect

    3. Q&A | Discussion (Optional)

    1. Wrap-Up Video: Performance Reviews

    2. Your Takeaways & Action Items

    3. Watch the Review Video (Optional)

    4. Learn More with High-Value Writing's Book of Strategies & Examples

    1. Cheat Sheet: Writing Actionable & Motivating Performance Reviews

About this course

  • $149.99
  • 17 lessons
  • 5 Learning Videos
  • 5 Micro Units | Finish in 4 hours
  • Certificate of Completion

Empower your employees with actionable feedback.


  • Do I have to complete a course all at once?

    No. Each course can be paused and resumed anytime.

  • What are the courses like?

    Each self-directed High-Value Writing course includes an introductory welcome unit, 3-4 main units of core curriculum, and a wrap-up unit. Each unit contains videos explaining concepts, with examples on the screen to illustrate and apply learning. You'll watch videos and answer reflective questions in each unit.

  • Will I get any printable material to save from my course?

    Yes. While the courses are video-based and include reflection questions you'll take right here on the website, they also include two printable takeaways: A syllabus listing learning objectives and course description, and a Cheatsheet offering a one-page review of the course concepts.

  • What materials do I need to complete my course?

    All you need is an internet connection, the ability to watch videos and hear audio, and a place to take notes. Each course asks you to practice sentence revisions, so you'll want a place to jot down those notes.

  • How can I show my supervisor I completed a course?

    You will receive a certificate when you finish a High-Value Writing course. You will also receive a downloadable cheatsheet with the main points from the class. Each of these can be printed and shared.

  • Do the courses include opportunities to practice and apply concepts?

    Yes. Each course includes two types of practice opportunities: (1) reflection questions to check your understanding, and (2) revision opportunities to practice writing strategies.

  • Do I need the High-Value Writing book to take a course?

    No. The courses teach through videos, and all the materials you'll need for your course are included in the registration. However, some students like to read the book for extra support.

  • How did High-Value Writing create the curriculum for the HVW self-directed courses?

    Erin Lebacqz, High-Value Writing Founder, created the courses based on her experience in the field of Rhetoric and Professional Writing. Erin brings her 25 years in the classroom, experience helping writers around the world, and expertise in pedagogy (the study of teaching and learning) to the course design.

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